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Tigress Max USA Inc. was established between former employees of Apple Corp. and Systemax (former CompUSA & TigerDirect.com). Focused in the Industry & Market of Sales and Solutions of Consumer Electronics.Tigress Max USA Inc. focuses on developing opportunities, providing solutions, and sales of products in the consumer electronics industry, on a business to business level.

The company prides itself on providing excellence in service, great product quality, and the development of strategic business alliances - through its excellence in business practices. Feel free to reach out and give us the opportunity to establish a long and lasting business partnership, for the benefit of both parties (you our business customer & us your business partner and provider). 


Tigress Max USA Inc. "Developing Business Opportunities"


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José E. Olivera

Founder & President


Tigress Max USA Inc.

218 SE 14th St. 

Miami, FL 33131 USA

Ph: + 1 (786) 351-7533

Email: Jose.Olivera@tmxusainc.com

Web: www.TMXUSAINC.com

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On the left: Jack Tretton, Former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America

On the right: Jose E. Olivera, Founder and CEO of TMX USA Inc.